Fallen Willow Tree 
As electricity is restored to Manhattan and people continue to survey and clean up damage from Hurricane Sandy, I made my way to the 6 and B Community Garden, my favorite spot in the East Village.

Day After Hurricane (photo courtesy of Joanee Freedom)

Earlier in the week I received an email warning me and my fellow gardeners to not enter the garden as a huge willow tree had fallen during the storm, taking huge branches off other trees and falling clear across the garden, spanning almost the entire block between 5th and 6th street on avenue B.  Thankfully no one was injured nor were the residential buildings adjacent to the garden damaged.  We were now ready to start cleaning up.

Gardeners watch and assist Jonathan Shorey, East Village Arborist

An email went out to the gardeners asking us to volunteer with the clean up however we could.  An east village photographer with arbor experience offered to inexpensively cut up the willow tree.  He arrived armed with his chainsaw and a little gas as gardeners trickled in.

Gardeners showed up with their tools and some even brought their children to help clean up.  After several hours of work, the tree and other items that had been damaged from the storm were on their way to being cleaned up.  The tree fell across many garden plots, however, and many were completely destroyed.  It will take months, if not years, to restore this East Village oasis.

To follow the progress on the clean up of 6B Community Garden, follow us on twitter: @6BGarden

To volunteer cleaning up city parks, please click here: Local Parks Clean Up

To donate to the 6th and Ave B. Community Garden, checks may be made out to 6th and Ave. B Community Garden, Inc. and mailed to PO Box 20247 Tompkins Square Station, New York, NY 10009-8963

--Elizabeth Frayer

 Photos courtesy of Shawn E Milnes, unless otherwise attributed
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